Want to be an Accelerite?

There is no typical Accelerite

Accelerites can be found in government, in startups, in large corporates, in not-for profits, and universities.

They may be serial entrepreneurs, web-developers, designers (of all shapes and forms), analysts, or accountants.

Accelerites come from all walks of life.

What they have in common is that are specialists in creative ingenuity – and they want to use their unique qualities to make a difference for New Zealand.

What you get

Business opportunities

Opportunity to develop products and services that you can sell to government or the private sector


Access to senior decision makers within government


Connections to large numbers of customers quickly


Fantastic public and private sector mentorship

Intellectual Property

Ownership of the Intellectual Property that is created during the accelerator*

Financial support

Teams are eligible for a $20,000 stipend**

*If you’re currently working for a government department or private sector organisation, ownership of the IP that you develop may be prescribed by your contract.

**If you are currently employed and receiving a salary during the R9 Accelerator you are not eligible for the stipend.

What qualities we look for in individuals

  • Customer focused (learns from the customer, puts the customer at the heart)
  • Flourishes under pressure (works at a fast pace and knows how to blow off steam)
  • Plays well with others (is neither a lone-wolf nor co-dependent)
  • Wants to make a difference for New Zealand (it’s not all about the money, money, money)
  • Creative and innovative (doesn’t play it boring and safe)
  • Makes decisions based on evidence (isn’t paralysed by a lack of data)
  • All-round awesome (does what needs to be done to achieve team goals)
  • Coachable leader (knows when to listen to advice and when to stick to guns)

It’s a team opportunity

R9 Accelerator is a team sport, not a solo adventure.

We look for up to 10 teams of 2-4 creative, entrepreneurial, awesome people from the public and private sector who want to develop products and services that make it easier for New Zealanders to interact with government.

Teams function as a “startup” during the accelerator. While they have lots of support from the sponsoring organisation, mentors and the R9 Accelerator project team, teams are in control of their destiny.

You can then sell these products and services to government or the private sector.

What we look for in a team

1. Availability

Everyone on the team has to be available full-time and be based in Wellington for at least the duration of the accelerator.

2. Roles

A great team usually covers the following roles (but is not exclusive to)


I see what the future could be and have great ideas about how to make it happen


I can build relationships and influence people to make a vision a reality


I look at a vision and work out how we can prototype and gain customer feedback


I walk in the customer’s shoes and work out the feel, taste and look of the vision

3. Cohesion

Great teams work well together. They make decisions collaboratively and support each other to be successful. Every team member feels trusted and respected.

4. Ability to tackle the opportunity

Great teams understand the opportunity and have the skills and experience to develop unique products and services that make it easier for people to interact with New Zealand.

How to join a team

Our major team forming event is R9 Rev Up. Come along 28 & 29 January 2017 and find out more about the opportunities and meet people to form teams.

Look at your own networks and see who else might be interested in getting involved and invite them to R9 Rev Up – some of the best teams have been ones that have connections long predating their involvement with R9 Accelerator.

If you are an organisation wanting to submit a team contact us to discuss how this could work.