How it works

R9 Accelerator is a govtech accelerator. Teams of innovators develop products and services that make it easier for people to interact with New Zealand government.


Stages of R9 Accelerator

We work with sponsoring organisations to identify and define Opportunities – government-customer interactions that don’t currently satisfy customer needs.

Opportunities were announced 25 Oct-16 but more may be added!

R9 Rev Up is a free weekend event for people to form teams, explore opportunities and get a taste of what R9 Accelerator is like.

R9 Rev Up for R9 Accelerator 3+ will be in Wellington on 28-29 January 2017

We look for teams of creative, entrepreneurial, awesome people who want to make a difference to how people interact with NZ government.

Applications close for R9 Accelerator 3+ on 7 February 2017

Invitation to Participate

We’ll be publishing more information about this in the next few days, but for now here is our Invitation to Participate

Teams go through a three month in-residence business accelerator where they develop products and services that make it easier to interact with NZ government.

R9 Accelerator 3+ starts 6 March 2017

Teams pitch their Minimum Viable Products at R9 Demo Day in front of an audience of senior decision makers in the public and private sector.

R9 Demo Day on 8 June 2017

Teams that are successful at getting investment to develop their Minimum Viable Products into prototypes enter the Post Accelerator Support Programme.

Post Accelerator Support Programme starts 7 August 2017