R9 Accelerator 3.0 Teams

Path Starters

Go to Work on Mental Health

PathStarters is revolutionising the access and delivery of services to support people into sustainable employment, while managing their mental health.

PathStarters changes the way mental health support services are found, delivered, and reported on in New Zealand. The platform connects people to the right support at the right time, where users discover, build, and follow their own pathway to a brighter future. Read more about PathStarters.

Sponsor: Ministry of Social Development

Team: Neal Hartley, Paul Dowd, Scott Reeder, Kenyon Shankie


Simplify the Final Affair

myTrove reduces the strain of responsibilities for those left behind, to manage the estate.

The myTrove service allows users to record and update their personal information and preferences, and share this data with those who would need to know, in the case of their death; including loved ones and, or, organisations. Read more about myTrove.

Sponsor: Department of Internal Affairs

Team: Jo Arnold, Sue Skeet, Ross Hughson


Take it for Granted

Heron brings government grant opportunities from multiple agencies to one place.

Heron saves businesses the time and frustration of looking through a maze of government websites, links and jargon-filled investment documents to find the most suitable grant opportunities. With just four questions, Heron narrows down available grant opportunities to those most applicable to a specific business. As an additional result, government agencies will waste less time on unsuitable applications and spend more time on applications from businesses they can help. Read more about Heron.

Sponsor: Result 9 – Better for Business

Team: Stefan Prodan, Matt Lloyd, Duncan Tamati


Take Care of Caregivers

i-Care is a platform for New Zealanders to begin their journey of becoming a caregiver.

i-Care gives organisations access to comprehensive profiles of potential caregivers for a more effective recruitment process. i-Care provides the engagement, education and support that potential foster care families need to take the next step, while their applications are being assessed. Read more about i-Care.

Sponsor: Ministry for Vulnerable Children, Oranga Tamariki

Team: Waruna Padmasiri, Cheryl Hemmingson, Troy Forsyth


Make it Personal

Piric has discovered, during their accelerator journey, the missing link to solving personalised communications from government.

Piric has the potential to take existing government data sources and proactively enable the sharing of data across agencies to simplify the threads between them. From this, agencies will be able to provide personalised communications to customers to improve engagement, reduce confusion, and make communication more useful. Read more about Piric.

Sponsor: Result 9 – Better for Business

Team: David Daish, Lewis Knox


Credit where ac(credit) is Due

Accreditron enables social service providers to easily share compliance information with government agencies.

To receive funding, social service providers are currently required to give the same information across multiple agencies. Accreditron reduces the duplication of effort and improves transparency between agencies by letting providers build a profile with all of their documents. Read more about Accreditron.

Sponsor: Ministry of Social Development

Team: George Grainger, Ashlyn Baum, Simon Tegg, Dana Fridman


Do it for the Kids

Tapin r9 accelerator

Schools using TapIn can coordinate their shared procurement and business needs. They can discuss and make decisions together and find fit for purpose products and services. The TapIn Platform puts schools at the centre, providing them with human focused tools that save time and are flexible and easy to use. Using TapIn will ensure fit for purpose products and services and can be accessed and rated by schools and Kāhui Ako enabling them to make an informed purchase. Read more about TapIn.

Sponsor: Ministry of Education

Team: Daniel Lewis, Georgia Dimock, Anna Geling


Show Them Who’s Boss

Bosspac provides a proactive solution to get self-employed people on the right track with their government obligations.

The Bosspac platform helps the self-employed make the right choices, keep track of their business records and stay informed about what obligations are coming up. Using behaviour-driven design to incentivise people and make compliance less painful, Bosspac makes interactions with government agencies simpler and more effective. Read more about Bosspac.

Sponsor: Result 9 – Better for Business

Team: Lelde Kukle, Janis “John” Purmalis

R9 Accelerator 2.0 teams

March – June 2016


Automating authority to act



2Shakes enables bookkeepers to get recognised by government and private organisations, so they can act on behalf of their clients straight away…read more.

Co centric

Next generation business intelligence for the construction sector


Using the Co centric platform, builders can easily manage their on-site health and safety and get tailored support and information to understand, run and grow their business more successfully…read more.


Spend time with people, instead of paperwork


Cohelix is a platform that enables hospitality and retail businesses to manage their employee paperwork and legal requirements effectively…read more.


Giving every small businesses an expert network


MiBiz is a platform to help new New Zealanders overcome common hurdles when starting a business…read more.


Give exporters someone to talk to


OneX is making it easier for New Zealand’s businesses to solve the problems that arise when exporting…read more.


Growing the knowledge economy


Traject is a skills assessment service to qualify skilled IT professionals for the Skilled Migrant Category Visa…read more.


The ultimate visa guide in your pocket


Visard is a customer-facing mobile application that allows visitors to better understand and apply for New Zealand visas…read more.


Transforming the feedback system for government market engagement



Leno is improving how NZ government engages with the market and how NZ businesses responds to government market engagement.

Quicker Kiwis

Get Trans-Tasman Business Travellers Across the Line

Quicker Kiwis


Quicker Kiwis are speeding up and streamlining the airport experience for frequent flyer business travellers when they arrive in New Zealand.


Painless Payments



SpacePort looked at providing a way for importing businesses to quickly access their important business information/account balances with Customs NZ, anytime, day or night.

R9 Accelerator 1.0 teams

April – July 2015


Building retail confidence


Shoppin is a web-based tool to help hospitality and retail businesses decide if a location will be suitable for setting up shop.

Nexus Marketplace

API Matchmaking


Nexus Marketplace is an online matchmaking service to help businesses find government APIs (application program interface) and help government make decisions about developing new ones.


Easing the building consent process


The Vizbot web application will make the building consent process more efficient for everyone involved – building owners, councils and agents such as architects and builders.


Getting good procurement outcomes


Cambio is a pre-procurement process to help government to achieve outcomes-based buying decisions.


Simplifying the complex


EasyComply focused on the challenges businesses face with employee’s application process for essential skills visas.