R9 Accelerator 3+ Teams

Team Multiply

Do it for the Kids

Multiply is committed to making a difference in the education sector.

Our team is made up of two entrepreneurs (Andrew and Jamie) along with two Ministry of Education advisors (Anna and Georgia).  We’re passionate and excited about this unique opportunity!

Using our collective skills and knowledge from both the public and private sector, we are working closely with schools to build a solution to help manage their endless administrative tasks and requirements.  We believe we can do this while also delivering real cost savings so that resources can be reinvested into teaching and learning.

Team Piric

Make it Personal

Piric is made up of David and Lewis. We’re entrepreneurs and we solve problems. We’ve worked together before and have experience in the software startup world. Our experience in the high velocity process of lean product development has hardened our egos against the trappings of assumption.

David has experience in sales, and full stack web development. He also acts as the bandaid on our dire lack of design ability.

Lewis is a programmer with full stack web experience from ugly-but-functional front-ends to boring-but-sensible SQL databases, and has a pet interest in machine learning.

Team Accreditron

Credit where ac(credit) is Due

Accreditron is made up of Ashlyn, Dana, Jeremy and George. We are a group of people who want to make it easier for social service providers to interact with government.

A cross-disciplinary mix of private entrepreneurs and government employees, we bring skills in design, development and facilitation together – to effect a transformational change in how government agencies can collaborate and share information.

To succeed in our mission, we are facing their opportunity without preconceived solutions in mind. By listening to all stakeholders, synthesising their problems, and understanding their needs, Accreditron is co-designing solutions that can adapt to different contexts in a complex and ever-changing world.

Team Go to Work on Mental Health

 Go to Work on Mental Health

‘Go to work on mental health’ are team of innovators, designers and developers with wide-ranging skills, knowledge and sector connections.

Scott is the team’s agency insider. In fact, he wrote the opportunity the team is now working on. Scott’s background is in design and project management. He is the team networker and breaks open the doors leading to deep insights and a greater understanding of the problem.

Paul is the team’s visionary who brings with him a depth of experience working with organisations of all sizes on digital strategy and growth marketing. He is highly focussed on following a lean customer centric approach to generate innovative ideas for our agency customers.

Neal is our developer, more machine than man, it is common knowledge he dreams in 1s and 0s. He brings the skills to develop whatever technical solution we may come up with. So far he has already coded our website (www.gotoworkonmentalhealth.co.nz) in pure machine code.

Kenyon is our talented designer. From somewhere deep in the dark recesses of his mind he pulls out beautiful visions. You can see Kenyon’s work on the website that he did the majority of the design work for and you can also see it on our business cards.

‘Go to work on mental health’ will work together to achieve a common goal, to improve the employment outcomes for people with common mental health conditions.


Team Trove

Simplify the Final Affair

We are team TROVE: entrepreneurs Aaron Stewart, Dr. Suresh Swamy, Sue Skeet, Ross Hughson and “intrapreneur” from The Department of Interal Affairs, Jo Arnold.

Out of all R9 3+ teams, TROVE probably brings the most entrepreneurial experience to the table. Sue has two businesses that provide death notification services, A Memory Tree and NoticeMATCH.

Suresh is an innovator and a committed life-long learner. He is a material scientist, web developer, and the business owner of Yali Ltd – a software solution hub for Internet service providers.

Ross is the managing director of Personal Information Management Ltd (PIM) – the developer of KeepMe. His previous work experience includes being CIO of ANZ, Westpac and the Inland Revenue.

Aaron, Ross’s business partner, walks the walk of a true, he’s the Chief Digital Officer of PIM and has successfully founded and exited a thriving software development business in 2010.

Jo is our key to government with a vast knowledge of the workings behind the scenes. She is a business improvement advisor and a team leader at Births, Deaths and Marriages at The Department of Internal Affairs.

We’re a great team, with complementary skills and are all passionate about solving the problem we have chosen to work on. Helping people manage this important life event is exciting!

Team Heron

Take it for Granted

HERON is a small team of passionate New Zealanders tackling the “Take it for Granted” opportunity.

Duncan is a data modeller from the Ministry of Education and our teams’ “intrapreneur.” He has many years of experience across multiple agencies and has already proven himself invaluable tackling the huge amount of data we have access to.

Matt is the former Auckland CEO for Chiasma, a student-led charity developing the next generation of networked and commercially aware young scientists. He has a conjoint degree in biology and finance, and is a passionate advocate for growing New Zealand’s innovation economy.

Last but not least, Stefan is the former Auckland CFO for Chiasma and previously an analyst at the Icehouse in Auckland. He has invaluable experience in the start-up space having been exposed to numerous Small to Medium Enterprises as they form and grow. An Auckland University graduate majoring in statistics and economics with a passion for innovation.

Our team is determined to make it easier for businesses to find grants that suit them, and then promote greater success in the application process.

Team Bospac

Show Them Who’s Boss

Team Bospac is currently formed of two young entrepreneurs. Lelde comes from the financial sector and she has experience in business analysis. Data usually bows in front of her, especially when Lelde is using Business Intelligence tools and building beautiful dashboards. Lelde believes that there is a big difference between numbers 546.3 and 546.7. At the same time, she is a great idea generator and can easily come up with innovative solutions to save the world (or at least make it a better place).

John has a background in business and IT, he loves to meet new people, establish relationships and make the businesses flourish. For John, it is hard to accept that something is not possible. John thinks that anything is possible, unless it is against the laws of physics.

For the team, participation in R9 Accelerator is just a beginning of the journey that, hopefully, will last for much longer. The team is dedicated to work smart and hard to succeed and make the lives better for Kiwis, especially when it comes to dealing with government compliance.

Team i-Care

Take Care of Caregivers

Troy has diverse experience in multinationals to small start ups across both the private and public worlds.  He knows what it takes to innovate and is obsessed with New Zealand intellectual property and helping smart kiwis reach world markets.

Cheryl is our subject matter expert and, having worked closely in services supporting children in care for over 15 years, she is well placed to assist the team with her real world experience.

Waruna is assisting us with his public sector policy experience and is a wizard at sorting the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the enormous amount of data spread across disparate sources.

We have diverse skillsets and experience, perfect for the problem at hand and are super excited about being part of the R9 Accelerator cohort; learning new things and creating some great innovation. Together, we hope to find ways of encouraging more New Zealanders to become caregivers and foster families to children who are in need of safe, loving and stable homes.