An Opportunity is what teams work on during R9 Accelerator. It is an area of government interactions that fail to satisfy customer needs and where an innovative team could create services and products.

R9 Accelerator 3+ Opportunities

These are the opportunities for R9 Accelerator 3+. These are subject to change without notice (so watch this space!). This list will be finalised before R9 Rev Up.

Make it personal

When government agencies distribute information it is generally by sending the same information to every business. The business must then work out how this applies to their business. This opportunity is about delivering information about requirements and opportunities to businesses in a way that makes it useful, relevant and timely to their business.

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Credit where (ac)credit is due

4000 New Zealand social service providers need accreditation from multiple government agencies. These providers have to deal with each agency separately – providing similar information and managing multiple site visits from different agencies. This opportunity is about making it easier for social service providers to become accredited and manage the accreditation process.

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Go to work on mental health

Mental health conditions have accounted for 97% of the increase in benefits for health issues in the last 10 years. People with mental health conditions often face barriers when looking for and staying in employment. This opportunity is about supporting people with common mental health conditions to be safe, strong, healthy and independent.

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Do it for the kids

The extent of administrative activities associated with operating schools, kura and early childhood education services can be time-consuming and detract from educational priorities. This opportunity is about freeing up teaching time and resources to increase focus on and raise the achievement and education levels of children, positively shaping the future of New Zealand.

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Take care of caregivers

More than 4000 New Zealand children and young people live in formal out-of-homecare. There is no overarching, nationally coordinated approach to caregiver recruitment, or cross-nation picture of the needs of caregivers in our community. This opportunity is about growing the pool of caregivers with the capacity, knowledge, skills and support to be effective.

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Take it for granted

New Zealand companies can spend a lot of time trying to determine what grants are out there and which ones are worth putting the time and energy into an application. This opportunity is about making it easier to get a grant to grow your business.

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Simplify the final affair

Dealing with the death of a loved one is hard enough, but many relatives also have to deal with stopping services and dealing with bills, finding the will (if one even exists) and carrying out the funeral preferences (if they are known). This opportunity is about making this easier for everyone involved.

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Show them who’s boss

There are over 400,000 self-employed people in New Zealand. People starting out as independent contractors find it difficult to obtain information on where to start and what their obligations are. This opportunity is about enabling people to transition to contracting/self-employment and reduce mistakes that prevent them from being successful.

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