R9 Accelerator 2.0 Teams

R9 Accelerator 2.0 Teams

March – June 2016


Automating authority to act


2Shakes enables bookkeepers to get recognised by government and private organisations, so they can act on behalf of their clients straight away…read more.

Co centric

Next generation business intelligence for the construction sector


Using the Co centric platform, builders can easily manage their on-site health and safety and get tailored support and information to understand, run and grow their business more successfully…read more.


Spend time with people, instead of paperwork


Cohelix is a platform that enables hospitality and retail businesses to manage their employee paperwork and legal requirements effectively…read more.


Giving every small businesses an expert network


MiBiz is a platform to help new New Zealanders overcome common hurdles when starting a business…read more.


Give exporters someone to talk to


OneX is making it easier for New Zealand’s businesses to solve the problems that arise when exporting…read more.


Growing the knowledge economy


Traject is a skills assessment service to qualify skilled IT professionals for the Skilled Migrant Category Visa…read more.


The ultimate visa guide in your pocket


Visard is a customer-facing mobile application that allows visitors to better understand and apply for New Zealand visas…read more.


Transforming the feedback system for government market engagement



Leno is improving how NZ government engages with the market and how NZ businesses responds to government market engagement.

Quicker Kiwis

Get Trans-Tasman Business Travellers Across the Line

Quicker Kiwis


Quicker Kiwis are speeding up and streamlining the airport experience for frequent flyer business travellers when they arrive in New Zealand.


Painless Payments



SpacePort looked at providing a way for importing businesses to quickly access their important business information/account balances with Customs NZ, anytime, day or night.

R9 Accelerator 1.0 teams

April – July 2015


Building retail confidence


Shoppin is a web-based tool to help hospitality and retail businesses decide if a location will be suitable for setting up shop.

Nexus Marketplace

API Matchmaking


Nexus Marketplace is an online matchmaking service to help businesses find government APIs (application program interface) and help government make decisions about developing new ones.


Easing the building consent process


The Vizbot web application will make the building consent process more efficient for everyone involved – building owners, councils and agents such as architects and builders.


Getting good procurement outcomes


Cambio is a pre-procurement process to help government to achieve outcomes-based buying decisions.


Simplifying the complex


EasyComply focused on the challenges businesses face with employee’s application process for essential skills visas.