We’re pleased to announce the R9 Accelerator 3+ teams!

In the coming weeks we’ll have more details on who they are and how to get in touch, but for now, here is a little information about each team. 


Accreditron is a team of three entrepreneurs, George, Ashlyn, and Dana, and Jeremy – a Service Designer from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. The team has fantastic know-how in experience design in the public and private sectors and will be working on Credit where (ac)credit is due. This opportunity is about making it easier for social service providers to become accredited for multiple government agencies at once.

Boss Pack

Boss Pack is made up of young business partners Janis and Llede, and Waruna from the Department of Internal Affairs. The team has a lot of digital experience including running a startup, design and development of solutions and community mobilisation. They will be working to: Show them who’s boss, the opportunity focused on helping new independent contractors start out right.

Caring for Caregivers

Caring for Caregivers will be working on the Take care of caregivers opportunity. This team is made up of entrepreneur Troy, and a representative from an interested non-governmental organisation, Cheryl. They bring diverse skillsets and experience to the table and together hope to grow the pool of caregivers for New Zealand’s children who live in formal out-of-home-care with the capacity, knowledge, skills and support to be effective.

Go Me

Experienced entrepreneurs Aaron, Ross, Sue and Suresh, and Department of Internal Affairs staff member Jo make up this experienced team. Specialising in personal information management and the end of life area, this team will be working on the opportunity: Simplify the final affair. This opportunity aims to make things less complicated and stressful when finalising a loved one’s affairs.

Go to work on Mental Health

The Go to work on Mental Health team is made up of three entrepreneurs, Kenyon, Neal, and Paul, and Ministry of Social Development representative Scott. They met at R9 Rev Up and recognised how their skillsets complement each other and could be powerful in tackling the opportunity with the same name: Go to work on mental health. This specific opportunity is aimed at supporting people with mild to moderate mental health conditions get back into work and stay employed.


Heron will be working on the Take it for granted opportunity. The team is made up of two young entrepreneurs from Auckland, Matt and Stephen, and Ministry of Education staff member, Duncan Tamati. They will work on making it easier for businesses to apply for grants to increase their ability to grow and scale. Matt and Stephen have been interested in the grants area for some time, and had independently started work on a solution in this space.


Multiply will be working on the Do it for the kids opportunity, and is made up of two entrepreneurs Jamie and Andrew, and two representatives of Ministry of Education, Anna and Georgia. Between them they have a lot of experience in business, development and education initiatives and are all driven to solve problems. The team hope to free up teaching time and resources currently spent on administration activities to increase focus on and raise the achievement and education levels of New Zealand children.


David and Lewis are the two highly motivated entrepreneurs behind Team Piric. They are both developers with a plethora of additional skills and experience under their belts. They will be working to ensure relevant, timely information reaches businesses when they need it. The Make it personal opportunity they aim to solve is about cutting out generalised information, opportunities and requirements sent to every New Zealand business.