Accelerating innovation in New Zealand government

Problem solvers needed

We’re looking for teams of 2-4 creative, entrepreneurial, awesome people from the public and private sectors to take part in R9 Accelerator 3+. Do you have the right stuff?

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R9 Accelerator 3+ is here

R9 Accelerator is a 3 month in-residence business accelerator where teams of creative, entrepreneurial, awesome people develop products and services that make it easier to interact with New Zealand government

Our major team forming event, R9 Rev Up, will take place in Wellington 18-20 November 2016


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Why we're here

R9 Accelerator is a Better for Business initiative, making it easier for people to interact with NZ government


What we're doing

R9 Accelerator starts with identifying opportunities and teams and ends with teams developing products and services

How it works

How you can get involved

Want to be part of a Team, Sponsor an opportunity or Invest in a team? There are many ways to get involved with R9 Accelerator.

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